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Our undergraduate entry requirements are as follows (full details here) :
  • Admission Points Score of 40.
  • Minimum statutory NSC requirements for degree entry must be met.
  • English, Afrikaans or isiXhosa (home language or first additional language) on at least level 3 (40-49%).
  • NSC achievement rating of at least 4 (50-59%) for Mathematics.
  • Applicants with an Admission Points Score between 30 and 39 may be referred to write the Access Assessment Battery before a decision is made on whether or not to admit the applicant to the course.
For post-graduate requirements please see below.

These links will take you to our official Online Prospectus where you can obtain in-depth information on career fields, rules and regulations, admission requirements, curriculum and module details, and timetable information.

This department may present modules in other general undergraduate qualifications. To view these, please visit the Faculty web site.