Welcome to all our 2022 physics students!  We are looking forward to having you in our department this year, and hope that you will enjoy studying physics as much as we enjoy lecturing it 😊. 
We as the Physics Department aim to serve our students as best we can and you should feel free to approach your lecturer(s) with any problems that you may be experiencing.  Should you have any problems that you feel your lecturers cannot assist you with, please feel free to contact the HOD Prof A Venter to discuss the matter.  We wish you every success with your studies in Physics this year!
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Academic Welcome Events

These are also available on the university’s YouTube channel.

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Module Information

Since our department uses Moodle as the primary learning platform, please make sure to visit the Moodle page for your module for up-to-date information.  Also visit our Physics Student Portal for general Physics Department news and information.

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On-line Learning

What hardware will I need for online learning?

  • Ensure that you have access to a device and a reliable internet connection. You will be doing the following with the device:
    • Download, upload and view documents (PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel)
    • Download and view videos (mp4).
    • View live YouTube streaming (data permitted).
    • View online simulations.
    • Access Moodle and Microsoft TEAMS.

What software will I need for online learning?

  • Make sure you install the following software on your device:
    • Microsoft Office365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams)
      Available free of charge to registered students. Details on how to install Office365 on your device can be found here.
    • Microsoft Teams
      See the FAQ here.  Log in using university credentials.
    • Moodle
      You can access Moodle either via your browser or via the Moodle app.  Log in using university credentials.

What happens if I am not registered and don’t have university credentials to access Moodle?

  • All students who cannot gain access to Moodle due to late registration (for valid reasons) are to contact your lecturer as a matter of urgency! Interim arrangements CAN be made to allow access to course activities and material. Do not wait to be registered before participating in the course!

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Important Dates

Lectures will start on Monday 23 March.  Consult the academic calendar to see the other important dates for the 2021 academic year.

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General Information

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1st-year Mainstream Students

You will be registering for Physics 1, and will start with FVV101a (Mechanics) as your first physics module.

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1st-year Engineering Students

You will be registering for PHYV101 as your first physics module.  Below are some FAQ's that are relevant to new students.

How do I get started?

Which Moodle sites should I use?

What are the enrolment keys for the PHYV101 Moodle sites? 

  • The enrolment key for the course Moodle site is PHYV101
  • The enrolment keys for the practical Moodle site are as follows:
    • Civil Engineering: PHYV1C
    • Electrical Engineering: PHYV1E
    • Industrial Engineering: PHYV1I
    • Mechanical Engineering: PHYV1Me
    • Marine Engineering: PHYV1Ma

What is the textbook for PHYV101?

  • Name: Physics for Scientists & Engineers, 9th or 10th Edition 
  • Authors: JW Jewett & RA Serway 
  • Publisher: Thomson Brookes Cole 
  • ISBN: 9781305116429 

Where can I find the course guide?

Who is the lecturer for PHYV101? 


ZTMD121 - Physics for dietitians / ZTM121 - Physics for pharmacists

Please look at the getting started guide for more information.