• Temperature:
    • thermal equilibrium and the zero'th law of thermodynamics
    • temperature measurement
  • macroscopic description of gases:
    • the state of a system
    • state variables
    • equation of state
    • ideal gas law
    • van der Waals' gas law
    • P-V-T surfaces for ideal and real gases
  • heat and the first law of thermodynamics:
    • open and closed systems
    • internal energy versus heat
    • heat capacity
    • phase changes
    • work in thermodynamic systems
    • applications of the first law
  • kinetic theory of gases:
    • relation between average kinetic energy and temperature/pressure
    • specific heat of an ideal gas
    • the Boltzmann and Maxwell-Boltzmann distributions
  • entropy and the second law of thermodynamics:
    • heat engines and heat pumps
    • efficiency and coefficient of performance
    • Kelvin-Planck and Clausius statements of the second law
    • Carnot's theorem
    • the Otto, air-standard Diesel and two-phase refrigeration cycles
    • entropy changes for reversible and irreversible processes
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